Blind Spots

If we take the time to sit back and watch the personality in action we can see and feel its desperate need to hold onto something to justify its existence. This is totally normal. What’s not normal is when we unconsciously believe this feeling of desperation is the bottom line of who we are. Its difficult to loosen our identification with this. It is one example of several blind spots. For another example, we almost never notice how much of our self-esteem is controlled by what other people think of us. We are overly engaged with a system in which the personality is desperate to get its needs met. It is starved for something that will relieve the feeling of its missing soul. The temporary nature of the false replacements reveal the blind spots.

It’s often too painful to look into the blind spots without turning our backs and cowering for protection. One must actually allow them to simply be there. It’s not easy to get used to that kind of vulnerability. Noticing the intensity of how badly we are latched to avoiding the blind spots seems like it will only make things worse. The mechanisms of the personality seem to become enhanced. Understand that adherence to the personality’s false sense of self is not as mandatory as it seems. Just continue to watch it without judgement. THOROUGHLY question ALL of its motives until the consciousness is stretched enough to provide some distance. It doesn’t matter if the distance is only a fraction or lasts only an instant for this is the yeast in Matthew 13:33 that permeates the whole dough.

As the personality perceives the hidden things in its blind spots it will feel an overwhelming sense of threat due to fear of the unknown. It will run and hide, kick and scream, punch and throw, spit and curse, etc. Again, take the time to watch it thoroughly and question EVERYTHING it thinks and does without judgement (some of the answers come in funny ways). The universe begins to tilt in our favor when this kind of inquiry becomes a way of life. Non-significance, unimportance, non-survival, abandonment, rejection and failure do not seem to be problems after a while. The personality begins to see the whole pie instead of just a slice. It sees the whole iceberg instead of just the tip. It then becomes progressively easier to look into the blind spots and accept what is there.

Some people perceive awakening to the soul as dangerous. Quite the contrary. It is dangerous NOT to awaken to the soul. Notice how the personality will try to convince us that orthodoxy is safer, more convenient and more palatable to the masses. The enemy does not abide in the truth because there is no truth in him. Without consideration for the soul and with disregard for the true identity, the personality unconsciously seeks to ease its wounds with disguised viciousness. Identifying blind spots is very very far away from its agenda. The antidote is to connect with the true identity at all costs. Remember that the process cannot be forced, however. Reducing the gaps in our blind spots benefits us. We crush the head of the serpent and cloak ourselves with the dazzling light of the majestic soul.


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