Partial Truth

The personality believes it is sinful, not good enough and is missing the “mark”. This is true but it is not the whole truth because it does not account for the soul. The grand hoax is a white lie that only shows us part of the truth. We believe we are no good because we cannot feel the value of our soul. We cannot feel the value of our soul because we’re too busy subconsciously looking for value elsewhere. The part of us that goes looking for value elsewhere is the personality which has taken itself to be nothing. We need to know that the deficient feelings are only temporary. Breaking free from the personality’s need to compensate for its feelings of inadequacy can be done through awareness of the greater truth.

The greater truth is that our core self is part of an eternal reality of infinitely substantial worth. Experiencing this eternal reality first-hand gives us a sample of the true identity’s significance. One must be willing to give up ALL desires and allow the process to unfold in its own natural course. The result of NOT doing so includes attachment to a false identity and the forsaking of our souls. The quality of our lives suffers unnecessarily. Exactly how is one to recover from the loss of connection to the soul? There is no amount of belief in religion, no amount of money, no amount of time, or no amount of anything that can even come close to filling the gap. EVER.

Settling for anything less than the soul is settling for only part of the truth of who we are. Who we think we are is the personality. Unfortunately this part of us derives its identity from a sense of deficient emptiness. What we get in exchange for the soul is non-reality based in fear. This non-reality is a fragment of the entire picture in which the personality feels frozen. A terrible feeling of loss follows. Deep down we know there is something missing, but we don’t know what. A part of us tells us there is something more to life yet we don’t know what to do or where to look. It’s convenient not to have to deal with what seems to be missing and to settle for less than the entire truth.

Selectively perceiving only a few angles of the entire truth becomes familiar and comfortable. We don’t want to consider anything that can cause doubt to our precious beliefs. The risks are too great. Letting go of the identity we have made up and assigned to ourselves is not an option unless there is a guarantee of something better. The desire for a guarantee makes sure that we miss the point: we ARE the guarantee. Distrusting the existence of our truest self causes hesitation because we don’t think we’re good enough. Gibberish. It is the whole entire truth of our being that has the power to shift our perspective of sinful deficiency into salvation. We resolve the desire for a guarantee of our divinity by becoming one with the elegant and untarnished true identity of the soul in its complete fullness.


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