Why is it that the soul often goes unnoticed and unappreciated? What happens to our relationship with this part of us when we become adults? Do we ever stop to wonder why the world is in shambles? It’s difficult to come up with answers to these questions because of how easy it is to forget about the soul. Attachment to the personality ensures we are almost always focusing on what is wrong or bad. The fear this creates conceals the infinite treasure of the soul. How is one to feel the power of this treasure if the heart is occupied with fear? Resistance to the fear often takes the form of a million thoughts firing inside the head at once. Then the concealment becomes even stronger.

It takes on-going effort to disengage from the behavior that encourages concealment. Reminders are helpful. Periods of mental non-activity put us more in tune with our natural connection to the soul in this exact moment, right here and right now. We leave behind our thoughts, worries, feelings, ideas, plans and desires. Liberation of this sort helps to expose what is concealed underneath the activity of the personality. It might not always be pretty especially in the beginning. One may find that reaching for heaven and moving away from hell is based on a secret lack of self-worth. Hardly no one ever thinks about this. The stealth of the enemy’s tactics are its secret weapon.

Maybe we are too proud to admit to a lack of self-worth. Maybe we don’t think the verses of Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31 and Matthew 9:12 apply to us. The personality conceals its pride so well that it doesn’t recognize the lack of self-worth as an illness. It whispers to us that everything is fine but the symptoms prove otherwise. The personality thrives on evading detection. Preoccupation with what is coming next or with something that happened in the past is another example of the many methods it uses to keep us trapped in the mind without our awareness. The personality feels that it will evaporate into nothing if it ceases its activity.

When the personality is exposed it will amp up its defenses against what feels like its death. In reality, allowing this feeling of death to be there and feeling it in its entirety is exactly what is needed. The fear is quite understandable but all it takes is a tiny bit of the soul for a miracle to occur. In that tiny bit, there is an infinite amount of grace. We begin to feel supported by this universal force we call God. The personality’s concealment of the soul becomes weaker and we slowly realize our unity with the treasure we’ve been seeking all our lives. Now is our chance to halt the damaging effects that this terrible secret of lack of self-worth has caused on our sacred planet.


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