Higher Meaning

The correlations between the story of Jesus and the reality of the soul are not an accident. Matthew 5:17 advises “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” At first glance, the soul seems to go against the conventional interpretation of the New Testament. With time however, we can see that there is a much higher meaning than what appears on the surface. Many of us grew to depend on the literal belief of Jesus that has been passed down through the generations. The moment when we identified with the role of being sinners in need of salvation was invisible. Our attachment to this identification prevents us from seeing the higher meaning of Jesus Christ.

The basic idea of the story of Jesus is he was born pure of a virgin and had not sinned. He was both fully human and fully divine. He also performed all kinds of miracles which are difficult to believe at face value. In addition he was rejected by the religious leaders, was crucified, died and was buried but was resurrected. What would be the moral to the story were it taken to be a description of the soul? Could the virgin birth be symbolic of the universal and unconditional love of God that is within the soul? Can the soul miraculously cure the hidden plagues in our subconscious? Have we unknowingly participated in rejecting the cornerstone? What about this theme of everlasting life?

Perhaps the story of Jesus is trying to tell us something that we’ve overlooked. What could that something be if Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father? The similarities between the soul and the story of Jesus are too strong to ignore. Yet we’ve been doing exactly that for centuries. Maybe there is incentive in keeping this information from reaching the general population. Profits have been derived from keeping the masses subservient, in fear and ignorant of the truth. The soul has been overshadowed by a more popular and digestible version of Jesus for the glory of enterprise. Enterprise is good but not if it displaces the soul.

How likely is it that the story of Jesus, as a parable to convey the truth of the soul, has been distorted like a bad game of Chinese whispers? We discern the need to extend forgiveness. The healing will be a long and arduous process. Let’s not make exacerbate the anger and hatred. A good first step is to play our part by doing our best to understand the higher meaning to the story of Jesus Christ. We no longer have to play the role of victim or oppressor because we know our true identity is the soul. Philippians 4:13 suddenly breaks through like the beacon of hope that it was meant to be when we understand the story of Jesus Christ’s higher meaning.


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