Our Own Voice

Trusting that all other things shall be added to us if we seek the Kingdom first is a challenging barrier to spiritual awakening. Feelings of lack and uncertainty bubble up. Our own true voice cries for liberation but the cleverness of the personality drowns it. We need to feel just how attached we are to this personality and understand that it is not us. It is what separates us from the soul and creates doubt in the power of seeking the Kingdom first. Seeing this is a huge step in finding our own voice.

Attachment to the personality and its fear of lack silences the true voice. Seeking the Kingdom with all our hearts becomes less important. Dependence on something other than the soul for self-worth becomes almost unnoticeable. The source of our own true voice IS self-worth and it comes from the soul. Enmeshment with the personality makes it very easy to forget this. The enemy’s deceit manifests as lack of self-worth causing spiritual deadness by pulling attention away from the soul. Alertness is necessary as the personality uses many distractions.

God’s love is without interruption but the personality plays a mean game of defense and defense wins championships. Seeking the eternal in time where it cannot be found is common. Disappointment awaits as we reach the limits on our capacity to feel unconditional everlasting love. Its convenient to settle for less because of the risk of death, eternal damnation, or rejection for being wrong. Maybe we don’t realize that God has been residing inside us the entire time. Nothing is more important than dedicating our whole entire lives to this voice which keeps calling.

Purity of purpose in seeking the Kingdom is part of finding our own voice. Releasing our attachments and identifications is the job of a lifetime. Undertaking this kind of work is the best charitable contribution we can give to the world. Our brothers in Matthew 5:23-24 include those who have experienced the destruction caused by a lack of connection to the soul. Reconciliation begins by hearing the inner voice which unconsciously calls to us. If we trust and seek this voice more than anything else in the world, we just might find the keys to the universe falling on our laps.


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