“I Have Overcome”

Conventional wisdom has determined that we are nothing without our beliefs. There is something that needs to be seen underneath this. It is the feeling of dreaded terror when letting go of our foundation. It seems as if there will be nothing left but a deep and dark abyss. The personality takes this as proof of its deficiency, sinfulness and unworthiness. It needs something to hang on to. No one would be crazy enough to allow themselves to reach the bottom of the abyss. Here is where eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of good and evil and developing the habit of judgement has turned us sour against our connection to the divine.

Placing ourselves in position to face the feeling of damnation or annihilation is not something we take lightly. However, the smallest fragment of faith and the tiniest morsel of willingness can turn things around completely. Allowing ourselves to reach the bottom of that dark abyss multiple times, seeing what it feels like and then fully accepting it yields surprisingly unexpected results for our quality of life. It is the beginning of a connection to something that is far beyond our wildest dreams. We have to feel it for ourselves to know it is serious business.

Thoughts such as we are not good enough pop up constantly. The self-rejection generates fear and life feels meaningless. We begin looking for salvation where it cannot be found. Imitations abound but chasing these shadows keeps us trapped in a state of time and judgement. We must experience our oneness with the true unconditional and universal power of God through the soul. Disbelief is lack of acceptance. Resisting the irreplaceable feeling of value found in the soul is self-denial because we settle for less than our infinite eternal glory. Rarely do we think about how this affects our sense of worth.

Our natural state is timelessness and indivisible love. Remember that the soul is the Son of the God of the living and not the dead. Permitting ourselves to be alienated from the soul for our entire lives has little justification. We can use the scriptures and the traditional version of Jesus to assist children, for example, but if we depend on these things for self-worth our entire lives then we will have tragically missed the point. The point is the soul is the living manifestation of the verse in the scriptures that says: “…take heart; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).


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