Resurrection And Judgement

A certain part of us has to die in order to experience spiritual awakening. This is the symbolism behind the crucifixion of Jesus. We often don’t even know that we are in a state of spiritual deadness. Notice how badly the personality resists. The level of resistance is the exact intensity of our attachment to the false identity. It is the very thing that needs to be undone. Struggling will only make things worse so it’s best to remain still. Consider how much the personality does not want to experience spiritual death. It feels just like the real thing. Let’s not, however, be convinced that we’re too weak to make it through the fear and pain.

Facing our own personal day of judgement is the realization that we will have to face exactly what we have put out into the universe AND what we have not. If we’ve wronged someone we will eventually be made to feel the same vibrational energy we put into that action. If we hold back our feelings, we will have to face that too. We resist because we know it’s going to hurt. There really is no judgement involved, except the criticism we to give to ourselves. The longer we wait and the harder we resist the worse it feels when it finally comes time. It’s beneficial to do the work now and understand why we are putting out negative energy in the first place.

Vulnerability and weakness cause the personality to turn its back on the soul. It thinks it will be smashed because of all the wrong it has done. This is a projection of its internalized authority figures. It’s an outcome of the civilization process it received in childhood. Harsh attitudes of punishing discipline are passed down from generation to generation. Childhood fears linger into adulthood and the notion of a cruel and vengeful God becomes popular. Here is the source of many of our fears against God, the soul and spiritual awakening. Understand that there is no fear or anger in God whatsoever. This is the truth behind Jesus’ being born of a virgin. Like the Father, the Son (the soul) knows no fear or anger.

The soul is not exclusive. God’s love is forever universal. We need to experience this for ourselves. There is no waiting for a literal day of judgement or for a literal resurrection of the dead. Heaven exists in the timeless eternal present moment. God gave us His only begotten Son for a reason. The soul is meant to be shared and its fruits are to be spread among us. It is an interactive phenomenon that requires active participation from everyone. The universe jumps for joy when this happens. Healing is available if we are willing to get out of the way. Self-hatred and lack of self-worth are no match for the power of the soul for nothing can stand against the purity of God’s love.


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