Because Of The Soul

The personality will often rationalize away the existence of the soul because it challenges its identity. It has tempted humanity away from God for far too long and the consequences have been devastating. Fear has taken control as the soul gets crowded into the background. The irony is that whatever we are scared of is not real. The only reality that exists is the reality of the substance of God. Attachment to the personality fools us into believing otherwise. We are in conjunction with the eternal oneness of God because of the soul.

It takes consistent effort to disengage from the personality and its self-hatred. Underneath our everyday awareness is the struggle to avoid a feeling of inner emptiness. It is the fear of this emptiness that secretly controls our behavior. The emptiness is lack of self-worth in disguise. We don’t think we could last a second if we were to let ourselves go fully into it. We could only last for so long before having to reach for something. That desire to reach is the personality in action. Notice how the emptiness does not go away. It lingers in the background. Allowing the emptiness to operate in this manner seems preferable to facing it all at once. This is a gradual recipe for low self-esteem and self-hatred.

Fear often seems to be unchallengeable. It is because of the soul that we have a chance to overcome the fear. Releasing the desire to avoid pain and hang on to pleasure seems like it will only make things worse. It feels like the end but it is actually only the beginning. If we can stop looking for heaven and salvation in the future and stop running away from the things that haunt us from the past, we will have the opportunity for the eternal present moment to become one with us. The personality’s bondage to fear is loosened. We are freed by the truth because of the soul.

Because of the soul, there is more than enough grace and mercy to fuel our spiritual quest. Once we understand the personality, we can quit falling for the same old lies. The lies include buying into the feeling that we are not good enough. The soul is proof that we are. One must solidify union with the soul as the true identity because there is nothing more important. How many different ways can we be convinced to the contrary? It’s important to find out for ourselves through first-hand experience that fear does not exist except inside our own minds. Do it no matter how long it takes. The soul is patient and it is waiting for us to do our part.


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