Attachment In Disguise

One of the hidden messages we received growing up includes the idea that we are not good enough just the way we are. This makes it feel as though we must earn the qualities for which we long, such as love. Constantly looking for fulfillment outside ourselves is a recipe for disaster. What we most desperately seek dwells within. Sure we can get some love from the outside but it becomes a different animal when one depends on it. As the saying goes, if we feed a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day but if we teach him how to fish he’ll eat forever. Learning to connect with the soul shows us that its presence is unconditional. It does not depend on us being good enough.

The soul has always been with us exactly right where we are in this exact moment but the personality blocks our awareness of its presence. The survival of the personality downplays the soul’s importance. The personality feels pressure to remain attached to something at all costs. Here is the lack of self-esteem disguised as attachment. The personality does not believe it will survive if it lets go. It obtains the illusion of survival from the attachment. Unfortunately the survival is more like spiritual death because it encourages disconnection with the soul, the source of real life.

Reverse engineering the personality’s defenses and questioning its motives reveals secret feelings of lack. The objects of attachment (money, cars, identity) are the disguises it uses to cover this up. Attachment is a way for it to resolve its problem of never feeling good enough. Without being able to release the attachment it remains mostly blind. It cannot see the truth of the infinite eternal substance of God in the soul. Lack of value and worth creep in and create wounds. The pain becomes so unbearable that it is disowned, projected and discharged in all kinds of unconscious ways. It’s not always immediately obvious as to what is wrong.

Sometimes the personality is TOO good at what it does. Its defenses are difficult to see through and cannot be broken without the soul. We may need to ask the universe for help. Just remember the more we hang on to anything, the more stuck we become. The heart becomes hard and resists but 2 Corinthians 12:9 states the strength of God is made perfect in weakness. We need to test this out for ourselves. Notice how the personality justifies the grounds that it is okay to live without knowing the source of true value. It doesn’t work. Understand that attachment to anything at all indicates a breach in self-worth which can only be resolved through the immortal substance of God in the soul.


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