Illusion Of Control

The personality resists giving up its illusion of control at all costs. It will not give up unless it is forced. It pretends to have the power to manipulate and control reality but the power is an illusion and is not real. The authentic experience of real power evades the personality because of disconnection from the substance of the soul. It settles for something less because it’s easier than facing the fact that it has no control. The cost is devastating and results in violence. This kind of movement gathers similar forces, strengthens, becomes popular and is considered normal after a while. The trend multiplies and ravages the earth.

Usually the personality hangs on to its illusory sense of control because it fears losing everything that it has worked so hard to become. The attachment to its own identity is a defense mechanism to protect it from feelings of worthlessness. It must always defend against the feelings but it really longs for peace and rest. Underneath all the reaching and grabbing is a lack of self-worth in which the desire for control is born. The desire for control is not an indicator for power, but an indicator for weakness. It is a method to avoid feeling vulnerable, disorientated and petrified.

Here is where things get intense. After some time, the fear of vulnerability becomes overwhelming. Most people give in to the compulsion to judge the powerlessness as bad and as something to be avoided. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are the beginning stages of our inheriting the universe. We become one with what IS. An omniscient force begins to influence our lives for the better. One has to pay careful attention to notice it and to cultivate the good ground where seeds can grow. In time, fear will be cast away by love. Getting comfortable with permanent exposure to helplessness does take considerable practice, patience and faith, however.

Life transpires on a new level once we open to the soul. It feels like a never-ending waterfall of joy pouring into the heart erupting everywhere at once, leaving us in a familiar child-like state of innocence. Only attachment to the mind and its ideas, beliefs and thoughts separates us from the original glory we left behind so long ago. Somewhere along the way the way we lost trust in ourselves. Somehow we fell victim to the idea that maintaining control is more important than maintaining contact with the soul. We must admit the error and develop the willingness to let go of the illusion of control. Only then will we realize our true identity is the infinite eternal splendor of the soul which is forever one with the only reality there is.


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