No Equal

The soul has no competition. It is one and the same as God. At first, the personality experiences a tremendous fear of non-existence as it approaches the soul. More often than not, it resists. It will judge itself as unworthy and declare war because of its failures at experiencing the soul. This is a mistake that makes things much worse because it reinforces the personality’s tendencies and strengthens its defensive structures. An alternate personality may surface which judges the original. Situations as in Luke 11:25 and Matthew 12:44 are the last thing we want. Yet no matter how bad things get, victory is sealed because the soul has no equal.

Disowning the soul for any reason is biting the hand that feeds us. It makes absolutely no sense. Why should we be convinced otherwise? The father of lies has prevailed over humanity for far too long. It has gone undetected in a host of attractive disguises scourging everything it touches. If this doesn’t motivate us to change for the better then we are allowing the enemy to keep us paralyzed. Fear, greed, anger, hatred, destruction and violence join the party. Please understand that we don’t have to be perfect because the soul has already accomplished perfection for us. We begin simply by choosing the soul over everything else because there really is no equal.

Let us not frustrate our own awakening. It’s important not to force anything. This is exactly the kind of mentality that has to be undone. Watch the personality as it attempts to struggle. That is all it knows. It always feels it has to do something but the truth is that it has to stop doing something. What it has to stop doing is acting on its desire for control. That desire is rooted in lack of self-esteem which is only truly resolved by connection with the soul. Faking it does not count. As it quits projecting itself into the future and fixating on the past, the personality aligns with the eternal presence of what IS. It’s simple but not easy because of conditioning.

The rewards of the soul are unlike anything one can imagine. There is no match. Struggling against it will only prolong our own agony. This is really unnecessary but sometimes we have to see for ourselves. Trial and error is not the easiest way to learn but it still works. Remember there is no need to beat ourselves up for anything at all. We choose to love the unacceptable parts of ourselves without condition. Doing so is a reflection of our divine Father in heaven and a direct reflection of our true nature. Once we get a taste of the soul we will want nothing more. All misunderstandings end here. From this point forward we should know it’s not in our best interests to choose against the soul for there is no equal.


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