The jealousy of God is meant to describe the fact that we cannot serve the personality on one hand and God on the other. A basic and simple premise yet very difficult to practice. One eventually faces the question: Why would we abandon the foundations of the personality in favor of what appears to be uncertain? Perhaps it would be helpful to rephrase the question as: Why  would we NOT abandon the foundations of the personality in favor of what appears to be uncertain? Self-preservation ranks pretty high on the answer list. Let’s examine this a little closer.

On the surface, self-preservation appears to be the indisputable champion of priorities. But we don’t usually think about or honor what enables us to have the instinct for self-preservation in the first place. The misconception that we can somehow be apart from the soul and therefore apart from God is part of the problem. Many people don’t believe in the soul because they cannot feel it and so it is trampled upon. The rejection and burial of Jesus points to this. The soul also challenges the personality’s survival and self-preservation overrides its importance.

The intensity of the desire for self-preservation generates fear. The fear comes from the ego’s projection of its own judgements against whatever threatens it’s survival. This is one case where the fear might not be helpful. When it is directed outward the personality will play the role of a parental authority figure. When the fear is directed inward it will play the role of a victim-child. Neither are the true identity but the personality usually doesn’t know any better. It will not risk giving up on the roles it plays because it feels like death. The fear guarantees the true identity’s burial.

It’s difficult to admit to the problem. It almost seems nothing can be done. Hanging on to a desire for safety blocks the personality from experiencing God and the soul. No one is encouraging to do away with the personality altogether. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of how the priority of self-preservation blocks us from feeling true self-worth in the soul. The scramble for survival has adverse results as the soul becomes increasingly easier to overlook. Investing too heavily in self-preservation is like digging one’s own grave. Freedom from bondage to the personality becomes next to impossible. It takes a miracle and an act of God and the soul is exactly that.


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