False Fear

Fear is largely a lack of self-worth in disguise. The ingrained habit of judgement creates an illusion of control. Judging its own feelings of emptiness and deficiency, the personality feels compelled to do something about them. Acceptance is not in its vocabulary and has not been developed. Guilt, shame, wrongness and badness must be fixed. Here is mankind’s downfall. For the most part we judge ourselves as not being good enough. A great deal of fear is generated around “missing the mark”. What is often not recognized is that the fear is caused by lack of self-worth.

Without connection to the soul, we feel no real self-worth. We feel deficient, bad and unworthy and then project these feelings towards ourselves and others. Everywhere we turn we feel the urge to judge. We assume God does the same because that is what we have been taught. It’s quite a pleasant surprise when first-hand experience contradicts this. Typically we avoid God and the soul because we fear losing the personality which we have come to depend on for self-worth. We don’t feel we will survive without it. The feeling that we will not survive without the personality is lack of self-worth in its nakedness.

Anticipating failure and pain because of its nakedness, the personality latches onto whatever it can. What needs to be understood is that the empty naked feeling is a natural part of the human soul. Instead of avoiding and judging it as bad we can learn to relax into it. There is no need for resistance as it is part of our infinite nature. Feelings of worthlessness do not make up our entire being because we are inseparable from God’s presence via the timeless material of the soul where no fear can abide. The temptation to judge, the desire to “hit the mark” and the urge to relieve feelings of worthlessness make their exit.

Sweet Christ Jesus who takes away all sin becomes very apparent in the soul. It fuels our passion to experience liberation in God’s Kingdom. Though it may seem dormant at times, the soul does not fail. We need to be consistently reminded so that our will does not get hijacked by the enemy. Thoughts of non-survival and non-existence indicate disconnection which translates into the fear of not being good enough. This is lack of self-worth appearing in disguise as fear. It is unhealthy to live our lives without knowledge of self-worth. For what reason should we deny the super-miracle of the impeccable soul?


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