Ye Of Little Faith

How far are we willing to take the verse in Matthew 6:33?: “…seek first his kingdom…and all these things will be given to you as well.” Who is willing to give over their livelihood, their instinct for survival and their very identity for the sake of finding true life? Is not His grace sufficient or do we depend on something else for our sustenance? The unwillingness to fully risk it all is like the doubt that Peter experienced in Matthew 14:29-31. If we don’t have faith in ourselves then we we don’t have faith in God either. We are one and the same. Disbelief is refusal to accept the fact that we are proof of God’s existence. It is possible to know this because of the soul.

There are many distractions that turn our attention away. Our survival depends on the presence of God in the soul, not on money. Which do we truly serve? Are we trusting His grace when we put in more hours creating an income than we do connecting to the soul? Perhaps the soul is too inconvenient and uncertain for us. Maybe losing control over the identity would make us feel like we are not good enough. What would be left of us if we were to lose that identity? We need to find out for ourselves. Judging the feelings of nothingness as bad and moving away from them distances us from the single most important ingredient of our lives.

Avoiding the fear of nothingness is apparent in the act of reaching for something to hold. A dependence forms as we crave something to make the feelings of not being good enough go away. Once we let go of the need for control we have the chance to recognize the wide open expansive nature of the soul. Living without the root of our self-worth and encouraging others to do the same cannot be justified. Why pretend? Recognizing and understanding the soul needs to be a top priority but the personality makes it seem as if there is something more important.

How easy is it to lose hope O ye of little faith? The power of the enemy seems untouchable because it buried the soul when we weren’t looking. Our holy grail goes missing and we hardly notice. It’s common to live with a slight depression and think that it’s business as usual. Without awareness we will lose confidence. Even the slightest degree makes a difference. Yet all it takes is a tiny nugget of faith for our consciousness to explode outward into limitless domains pouring forth light and love at rates far too serious for human comprehension. Once we are honestly and consistently willing to let go of EVERYTHING in a very literal way, we begin preparing for the universe to show us what God is really all about.


2 thoughts on “Ye Of Little Faith

  1. Thank you for checking out and commenting on my blog. It led me to yours. Powerful words you channel and I’m certain they help lift others toward the truth – toward the open arms of our loving Father above. Blessings and be in touch. Etan

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