I Lack Nothing

Living from our natural state gives us the feeling of “I lack nothing”. What gets in the way of this and are we willing to let it go? Here is where we find what needs to be done, or more accurately what needs to be undone. Disintegrating the barriers of the personality requires incentive, however. It must be worth it. How will we know if we never try? How will we try if we never know? The true message of Jesus Christ has been rejected, buried and forgotten. It is the soul that gives everlasting life and salvation. The personality is in direct opposition and this causes feelings of lack.

The personality is a bundle of defenses. It hangs on to anything to avoid the soul. It judges its feelings of lack and labels them as bad. It labels itself the same. On a subconscious level it disowns and then projects its fears. What is needed is the willingness to let go of the need to control its feelings of emptiness and worthlessness. It takes practice, patience and gentleness for the iron walls of guilt and shame to finally come tumbling down. Once the personality releases the desire to grab on to what it has been holding, we can begin to receive something much much better.

That something much better is the soul. Relief, satisfaction, fulfillment, wholeheartedness, contentment, abundance, integrity, liberation, perfection and gratification await. One must experience it to believe it. Everything we’ve always wanted and needed lies within. We do not have to define ourselves with not being good enough. That is only a limiting belief we picked up from the conditioning of our childhood which has been passed down through many generations. The associated feelings of fear remain like a scar that leaves a permanent mark in the subconscious. The ego’s job is to protect us but it has overstayed its welcome.

Identification with the ego leads one to assume that we are worthless. The soul is the resolution to this. WE ARE the resolution because WE ARE the soul. What do we get in exchange for denying this? What is honestly going to resolve the lack self-worth? It is our duty to stand up and claim the true identity without delay. Perhaps we don’t feel we deserve it because we don’t know any better. It’s time to change this no matter how long it takes. ALL the barriers to self-realization must be addressed one by one. When we finish we will stand firm in the conviction that “I lack nothing”.


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