Three Times

We ARE the self-worth that we unconsciously seek. Denying this is like Peter’s denial of Jesus. Peter can be viewed as a reflection of the ego and Jesus a reflection of the soul. The soul gives us life but the ego denies it. Why would a living person deny dependence on their soul for existence? Perhaps we fear the infinite and eternal nature of our own power and strength. We might secretly feel burdened by the responsibility. We might not feel good enough to handle it. We might be accustomed to judging our mistakes, failures, and weaknesses as bad. What is to stop us from also judging our existence as bad and then judging the judgement as bad? How easy is it to get to three?

The part of us that distinguishes between good and bad is the personality. It has eaten of the fruit of the tree of good and evil and believes it has the ability to judge the difference between right and wrong in all circumstances and situations. Protection, control and and separation are its objectives. Avoiding feelings of emptiness and worthlessness are its most important goals. There is a reliance, dependence and attachment on certain conditions to be met in order for it to feel “normal”. Uncontrollable factors keep the personality off-balance. It is a decoy trying to replicate the harmonic nature of the true identity of the soul.

Denial and resistance are among the tools the personality employs to sooth its feeling of not being good enough. It will deny the truth of the soul way more than three times. The soul threatens the ego’s defensive posture and is therefore an enemy. Here is the unforeseen action of denying Jesus. Christ is a very real part of us that is necessary for our overall health. He is a symbol for the soul. This is the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father except through Him. Placing our faith in something else is unwise. One glance and we instantly know the soul is the manifestation of the kingdom, the power and the glory which are His forever.

The significance of the rooster crow goes much deeper than expected. Hardly no one realizes the severity of the real problem. Denying the soul is like a low-grade fever that almost seems normal. The temperature is turned up slowly. Without knowing that our self-worth is missing and without knowing that the personality is trying to compensate for this loss, we are dead even before the game begins. Awareness and acceptance are essential. As an allegory for the soul, Jesus Christ represents the origins of our pure everlasting love and value. He is indeed the light of the world which illuminates the higher meaning behind the gospels. It is undeniable.


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