Tall Order

The final frontier of spiritual awakening is releasing attachment to the personality. Examining the depths of attachment is something most people do not want to do while they are alive. It is such a tall and daunting order that many would would rather be dead. The personality’s grip on itself will often not flex, no matter how painful. This is not sustainable in the long run. The tendency is to either rationalize away the existence of the soul as an inconvenient truth or to postpone dealing with it until conditions are more favorable. Big mistake. The soul IS salvation and it is freely available to each and every one of us right here and now.

Viewing the personality from every possible angle eventually shows that it is not real. What is real is an eternal presence of unsurpassable peace. The personality is an alter ego that is trying really hard to convince us of something different. We do need to be very careful and gentle for it will not hesitate to get violent. The personality swears allegiance to its assigned identity even after its cover is blown. It hangs on with the most subtle of attachments. It will invent lies to hide behind in order to convince itself and others that it has avoided detection. Ego is an imitation of something much greater. That something much greater is the soul.

The personality is partially an accumulation of psychological defenses. It defends against deficient feelings of sinfulness and vulnerable emptiness which it assumes to be part of its nature. Personality is an overreaction to feelings of non-survival. The overreaction is both an inward and outward projection rooted purely in fear. It is only real to the personality, however. Behind the perception of fear is judgement. Here is the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. The personality is sure that it knows the difference between what is good and evil. It feels it can justify its behavior and need for control at any price including its own soul.

Breaking the personality’s grip is a tall order. Loosening the connection is often judged as wrong, bad and dangerous. Fear of the unknown, peer pressure and pride are typical barriers. Not many will risk the investments that have been made towards security in identity. It seems like too much to lose. The truth is just the reverse. We really can’t afford NOT to do it. The gate to true life is a lot narrower than expected. Non-belief is just one out of many possible downfalls. Waiting for something to happen before we can experience God is another. The personality will go through a lot of trouble to convince itself and others that the soul must be avoided at all costs. Don’t believe the hype.



The jealousy of God is meant to describe the fact that we cannot serve the personality on one hand and God on the other. A basic and simple premise yet very difficult to practice. One eventually faces the question: Why would we abandon the foundations of the personality in favor of what appears to be uncertain? Perhaps it would be helpful to rephrase the question as: Why  would we NOT abandon the foundations of the personality in favor of what appears to be uncertain? Self-preservation ranks pretty high on the answer list. Let’s examine this a little closer.

On the surface, self-preservation appears to be the indisputable champion of priorities. But we don’t usually think about or honor what enables us to have the instinct for self-preservation in the first place. The misconception that we can somehow be apart from the soul and therefore apart from God is part of the problem. Many people don’t believe in the soul because they cannot feel it and so it is trampled upon. The rejection and burial of Jesus points to this. The soul also challenges the personality’s survival and self-preservation overrides its importance.

The intensity of the desire for self-preservation generates fear. The fear comes from the ego’s projection of its own judgements against whatever threatens it’s survival. This is one case where the fear might not be helpful. When it is directed outward the personality will play the role of a parental authority figure. When the fear is directed inward it will play the role of a victim-child. Neither are the true identity but the personality usually doesn’t know any better. It will not risk giving up on the roles it plays because it feels like death. The fear guarantees the true identity’s burial.

It’s difficult to admit to the problem. It almost seems nothing can be done. Hanging on to a desire for safety blocks the personality from experiencing God and the soul. No one is encouraging to do away with the personality altogether. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of how the priority of self-preservation blocks us from feeling true self-worth in the soul. The scramble for survival has adverse results as the soul becomes increasingly easier to overlook. Investing too heavily in self-preservation is like digging one’s own grave. Freedom from bondage to the personality becomes next to impossible. It takes a miracle and an act of God and the soul is exactly that.

No Equal

The soul has no competition. It is one and the same as God. At first, the personality experiences a tremendous fear of non-existence as it approaches the soul. More often than not, it resists. It will judge itself as unworthy and declare war because of its failures at experiencing the soul. This is a mistake that makes things much worse because it reinforces the personality’s tendencies and strengthens its defensive structures. An alternate personality may surface which judges the original. Situations as in Luke 11:25 and Matthew 12:44 are the last thing we want. Yet no matter how bad things get, victory is sealed because the soul has no equal.

Disowning the soul for any reason is biting the hand that feeds us. It makes absolutely no sense. Why should we be convinced otherwise? The father of lies has prevailed over humanity for far too long. It has gone undetected in a host of attractive disguises scourging everything it touches. If this doesn’t motivate us to change for the better then we are allowing the enemy to keep us paralyzed. Fear, greed, anger, hatred, destruction and violence join the party. Please understand that we don’t have to be perfect because the soul has already accomplished perfection for us. We begin simply by choosing the soul over everything else because there really is no equal.

Let us not frustrate our own awakening. It’s important not to force anything. This is exactly the kind of mentality that has to be undone. Watch the personality as it attempts to struggle. That is all it knows. It always feels it has to do something but the truth is that it has to stop doing something. What it has to stop doing is acting on its desire for control. That desire is rooted in lack of self-esteem which is only truly resolved by connection with the soul. Faking it does not count. As it quits projecting itself into the future and fixating on the past, the personality aligns with the eternal presence of what IS. It’s simple but not easy because of conditioning.

The rewards of the soul are unlike anything one can imagine. There is no match. Struggling against it will only prolong our own agony. This is really unnecessary but sometimes we have to see for ourselves. Trial and error is not the easiest way to learn but it still works. Remember there is no need to beat ourselves up for anything at all. We choose to love the unacceptable parts of ourselves without condition. Doing so is a reflection of our divine Father in heaven and a direct reflection of our true nature. Once we get a taste of the soul we will want nothing more. All misunderstandings end here. From this point forward we should know it’s not in our best interests to choose against the soul for there is no equal.

Illusion Of Control

The personality resists giving up its illusion of control at all costs. It will not give up unless it is forced. It pretends to have the power to manipulate and control reality but the power is an illusion and is not real. The authentic experience of real power evades the personality because of disconnection from the substance of the soul. It settles for something less because it’s easier than facing the fact that it has no control. The cost is devastating and results in violence. This kind of movement gathers similar forces, strengthens, becomes popular and is considered normal after a while. The trend multiplies and ravages the earth.

Usually the personality hangs on to its illusory sense of control because it fears losing everything that it has worked so hard to become. The attachment to its own identity is a defense mechanism to protect it from feelings of worthlessness. It must always defend against the feelings but it really longs for peace and rest. Underneath all the reaching and grabbing is a lack of self-worth in which the desire for control is born. The desire for control is not an indicator for power, but an indicator for weakness. It is a method to avoid feeling vulnerable, disorientated and petrified.

Here is where things get intense. After some time, the fear of vulnerability becomes overwhelming. Most people give in to the compulsion to judge the powerlessness as bad and as something to be avoided. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are the beginning stages of our inheriting the universe. We become one with what IS. An omniscient force begins to influence our lives for the better. One has to pay careful attention to notice it and to cultivate the good ground where seeds can grow. In time, fear will be cast away by love. Getting comfortable with permanent exposure to helplessness does take considerable practice, patience and faith, however.

Life transpires on a new level once we open to the soul. It feels like a never-ending waterfall of joy pouring into the heart erupting everywhere at once, leaving us in a familiar child-like state of innocence. Only attachment to the mind and its ideas, beliefs and thoughts separates us from the original glory we left behind so long ago. Somewhere along the way the way we lost trust in ourselves. Somehow we fell victim to the idea that maintaining control is more important than maintaining contact with the soul. We must admit the error and develop the willingness to let go of the illusion of control. Only then will we realize our true identity is the infinite eternal splendor of the soul which is forever one with the only reality there is.

Attachment In Disguise

One of the hidden messages we received growing up includes the idea that we are not good enough just the way we are. This makes it feel as though we must earn the qualities for which we long, such as love. Constantly looking for fulfillment outside ourselves is a recipe for disaster. What we most desperately seek dwells within. Sure we can get some love from the outside but it becomes a different animal when one depends on it. As the saying goes, if we feed a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day but if we teach him how to fish he’ll eat forever. Learning to connect with the soul shows us that its presence is unconditional. It does not depend on us being good enough.

The soul has always been with us exactly right where we are in this exact moment but the personality blocks our awareness of its presence. The survival of the personality downplays the soul’s importance. The personality feels pressure to remain attached to something at all costs. Here is the lack of self-esteem disguised as attachment. The personality does not believe it will survive if it lets go. It obtains the illusion of survival from the attachment. Unfortunately the survival is more like spiritual death because it encourages disconnection with the soul, the source of real life.

Reverse engineering the personality’s defenses and questioning its motives reveals secret feelings of lack. The objects of attachment (money, cars, identity) are the disguises it uses to cover this up. Attachment is a way for it to resolve its problem of never feeling good enough. Without being able to release the attachment it remains mostly blind. It cannot see the truth of the infinite eternal substance of God in the soul. Lack of value and worth creep in and create wounds. The pain becomes so unbearable that it is disowned, projected and discharged in all kinds of unconscious ways. It’s not always immediately obvious as to what is wrong.

Sometimes the personality is TOO good at what it does. Its defenses are difficult to see through and cannot be broken without the soul. We may need to ask the universe for help. Just remember the more we hang on to anything, the more stuck we become. The heart becomes hard and resists but 2 Corinthians 12:9 states the strength of God is made perfect in weakness. We need to test this out for ourselves. Notice how the personality justifies the grounds that it is okay to live without knowing the source of true value. It doesn’t work. Understand that attachment to anything at all indicates a breach in self-worth which can only be resolved through the immortal substance of God in the soul.

Because Of The Soul

The personality will often rationalize away the existence of the soul because it challenges its identity. It has tempted humanity away from God for far too long and the consequences have been devastating. Fear has taken control as the soul gets crowded into the background. The irony is that whatever we are scared of is not real. The only reality that exists is the reality of the substance of God. Attachment to the personality fools us into believing otherwise. We are in conjunction with the eternal oneness of God because of the soul.

It takes consistent effort to disengage from the personality and its self-hatred. Underneath our everyday awareness is the struggle to avoid a feeling of inner emptiness. It is the fear of this emptiness that secretly controls our behavior. The emptiness is lack of self-worth in disguise. We don’t think we could last a second if we were to let ourselves go fully into it. We could only last for so long before having to reach for something. That desire to reach is the personality in action. Notice how the emptiness does not go away. It lingers in the background. Allowing the emptiness to operate in this manner seems preferable to facing it all at once. This is a gradual recipe for low self-esteem and self-hatred.

Fear often seems to be unchallengeable. It is because of the soul that we have a chance to overcome the fear. Releasing the desire to avoid pain and hang on to pleasure seems like it will only make things worse. It feels like the end but it is actually only the beginning. If we can stop looking for heaven and salvation in the future and stop running away from the things that haunt us from the past, we will have the opportunity for the eternal present moment to become one with us. The personality’s bondage to fear is loosened. We are freed by the truth because of the soul.

Because of the soul, there is more than enough grace and mercy to fuel our spiritual quest. Once we understand the personality, we can quit falling for the same old lies. The lies include buying into the feeling that we are not good enough. The soul is proof that we are. One must solidify union with the soul as the true identity because there is nothing more important. How many different ways can we be convinced to the contrary? It’s important to find out for ourselves through first-hand experience that fear does not exist except inside our own minds. Do it no matter how long it takes. The soul is patient and it is waiting for us to do our part.

Resurrection And Judgement

A certain part of us has to die in order to experience spiritual awakening. This is the symbolism behind the crucifixion of Jesus. We often don’t even know that we are in a state of spiritual deadness. Notice how badly the personality resists. The level of resistance is the exact intensity of our attachment to the false identity. It is the very thing that needs to be undone. Struggling will only make things worse so it’s best to remain still. Consider how much the personality does not want to experience spiritual death. It feels just like the real thing. Let’s not, however, be convinced that we’re too weak to make it through the fear and pain.

Facing our own personal day of judgement is the realization that we will have to face exactly what we have put out into the universe AND what we have not. If we’ve wronged someone we will eventually be made to feel the same vibrational energy we put into that action. If we hold back our feelings, we will have to face that too. We resist because we know it’s going to hurt. There really is no judgement involved, except the criticism we to give to ourselves. The longer we wait and the harder we resist the worse it feels when it finally comes time. It’s beneficial to do the work now and understand why we are putting out negative energy in the first place.

Vulnerability and weakness cause the personality to turn its back on the soul. It thinks it will be smashed because of all the wrong it has done. This is a projection of its internalized authority figures. It’s an outcome of the civilization process it received in childhood. Harsh attitudes of punishing discipline are passed down from generation to generation. Childhood fears linger into adulthood and the notion of a cruel and vengeful God becomes popular. Here is the source of many of our fears against God, the soul and spiritual awakening. Understand that there is no fear or anger in God whatsoever. This is the truth behind Jesus’ being born of a virgin. Like the Father, the Son (the soul) knows no fear or anger.

The soul is not exclusive. God’s love is forever universal. We need to experience this for ourselves. There is no waiting for a literal day of judgement or for a literal resurrection of the dead. Heaven exists in the timeless eternal present moment. God gave us His only begotten Son for a reason. The soul is meant to be shared and its fruits are to be spread among us. It is an interactive phenomenon that requires active participation from everyone. The universe jumps for joy when this happens. Healing is available if we are willing to get out of the way. Self-hatred and lack of self-worth are no match for the power of the soul for nothing can stand against the purity of God’s love.